Dec 02

Namaste, and welcome.

Namaste beautiful people, and welcome to my Sports and Fitness blog.

My name is Bella, and as someone who loves health and wellness I decided to create this blog to share my favourite tips and tricks to get fit, as well as the different types of sport and fitness I enjoy.  

As I’m sure you can already tell one of my favourite ways to keep fit is through Yoga.  6 years ago I visited the beautiful country of India, and fell in love with the people and the way of life.  One of the most eye opening experiences of my life was studying and practising yoga at a yoga retreat in the mountains in India.  Since then I have studied many different varieties of yoga, and am a certified Yoga teacher and have taught all over the world, most recently at a Yoga retreat in Bali.  

Other sports I enjoy include pilates, crossfit, barre/ballet, as well as barefoot running through the countryside.  

I look forward to sharing all my insight and knowledge with everyone, and am very excited to be able to create a community here where we can share.  

Until next time, thank you.

Peace and love,