Jan 03

Horses racing betting for beginners

Having the occasional flutter on the horses can be an extremely fun past time. However, for beginners it can a minefield as often people may get too excited, or even confident and lose themselves considerable amounts of money. This is true of all forms of gambling as it gives us a natural rush, but obviously is also highly addictive.

The most important rule then for a newcomer, betting at the track, or in a bookmakers shops, is to NEVER bet more than you can afford to lose. I personally have seen friend’s marriages go up in smoke because they have gambled way over their budgets. In these cases they convince themselves they can win back any earlier losses, but unfortunately don’t stop until they have literally ran out of funds.

Secondly, do not rely on anything superstitious. I have heard hundreds of stories over the years about your Aunty or wife, always goes for number 7, or  the jockey wearing sky blue and green. Now these kind of decisions may show you small returns and suck you in. In reality though, people who follow this method will end up losing everything they may win initially and a lot more if they continue.

The only way to truly win or break even, whilst enjoying this sport is to place win or each way bets.  A bet on a horse to win being the biggest earner whilst an each way half of it. Then, obviously study form and study it hard.

Superstition is nonsense, form, weather conditions and keeping a level head are the key factors.

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